Monday, December 26, 2011

How to make personalized glitter polish

Today's post is a paint of a different kind! :) Glitter polish is so popular right now! However, if you go to the store, you're limited by what the polish companies make, not to mention you're going to pay at minimum $5 per bottle. The other day, I had an epiphany: why can't I make my own glitter polish? I bought several bottles of inexpensive clear polish and some fine glitter and I was in business!

I made these two colors for Mandy & Krystle. They ended up being super cute and I can't wait to make more. I spent .94 on each bottle of clear polish and $3 per 5 color pack of glitter, which will make MANY bottles of glitter polish, so when all said and done, it costs a fraction of what one store bought bottle costs! Give it a try!!


One creative night...

So on Christmas Eve Eve, my hubby Kevin and I had a gift wrapping and baking extravaganza! This year, I didn't want to use the usual sticky bows like you get from the store. I wanted a little something more hand-made for that personal touch. Since I have a huge pile of felt sheets, I decided I wanted to put felt cut outs and yarn on my packages! They ended up being so cute!

These were a couple of other gifts I "personalized". So fun!

After we finished our wrapping, we began working on the goody baskets we had made members of our family. One of the items in the baskets were what we affectionately call "Andeos". They were an accidental invention conceived out of mine and Kev's bad communication. LOL! Probably one of the best mistakes we've ever made. 

Double Stuft Oreos dipped in white Almond Bark and topped with Andes mint chips... SOOOO GOOD!

We had so much fun making these baskets, we might just make it a tradition! It's fun doing stuff with your best friend! :)

Hope everyone's Christmas was very Merry & blessed!